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Stereo MCs: Revolutionizing Music with ‘Connected’

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Stereo MCs is a British electronic dance group formed in the mid-1980s by Rob Birch and Nick Hallam. Known for their unique blend of hip-hop, dance, and alternative rock, the duo took the world by storm with their groundbreaking hit single ‘Connected’ in 1992. The track was the centerpiece of their third album, also named ‘Connected,’ which was released on 5th October 1992. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the band’s history, their success with ‘Connected,’ and the lasting impact it has had on the music industry.

The Origins of Stereo MCs

Stereo MCs was formed by Rob Birch (also known as Rob B) and Nick “The Head” Hallam. The duo met in Nottingham in the mid-1980s and later moved to London to further their careers in music. They began by producing tracks for other artists before deciding to create their own sound. Combining their love for hip-hop and electronic music, Stereo MCs quickly made a name for themselves with their innovative sound.

“The first time I heard Stereo MCs, I was blown away by their unique fusion of hip-hop and electronic dance music. They were like nothing I’d ever heard before,” said DJ and music producer Pete Tong.

The Rise of ‘Connected’

‘Connected,’ the band’s third album, catapulted Stereo MCs into international stardom. The album’s title track became an instant hit, reaching #18 on the UK Singles Chart and breaking into the Top 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song’s catchy chorus and infectious beat made it a staple in clubs and radio stations around the world. ‘Connected’ went on to win the prestigious Mercury Music Prize in 1993, solidifying the band’s place in music history.

“It was incredible how quickly ‘Connected’ took off. One minute we were relatively unknown, and the next, our song was playing in clubs and on radios around the world,” Rob Birch reflected on the song’s success.

Impact of ‘Connected’ on Music

‘Connected’ had a profound impact on the music scene, particularly in the UK. It not only helped popularize the electronic dance music (EDM) genre but also paved the way for many other artists to experiment with different styles and sounds. The success of ‘Connected’ proved that music fans were ready for something fresh and innovative, and Stereo MCs delivered just that.

Legacy of Stereo MCs

Stereo MCs’ lasting influence can still be felt today, with countless artists citing them as a significant inspiration. The band’s unique fusion of hip-hop and electronic dance music has left an indelible mark on the industry, and their iconic track ‘Connected’ continues to be a beloved classic for fans across generations.

Year Album Notable Singles
1989 33-45-78
1990 Supernatural Elevate My Mind
1992 Connected Connected, Step It Up, Ground Level
2001 Deep Down & Dirty Deep Down & Dirty
2005 Paradise Warhead
2008 Double Bubble Get On It, The Here & Now
2011 Emperor’s Nightingale Tales

Where Are They Now?

Despite their massive success in the 1990s, Stereo MCs never stopped creating and experimenting with new sounds. Over the years, they have released several more albums, including ‘Deep Down & Dirty,’ ‘Paradise,’ ‘Double Bubble,’ and ‘Emperor’s Nightingale.’ While these records may not have matched the commercial success of ‘Connected,’ they have continued to receive critical acclaim and maintain a loyal fanbase.

“We’ve always tried to push the boundaries of our music and explore new sounds. That’s what keeps it exciting for us,” Nick Hallam stated in a recent interview.

Live Performances and Future Plans

Stereo MCs have remained active in the live music scene, often performing at music festivals and concerts around the world. Their high-energy performances and innovative sound have helped them maintain a dedicated following, even as the music landscape has shifted over the years.

As for their future plans, Rob Birch and Nick Hallam continue to create and produce music, both as Stereo MCs and in collaboration with other artists. Fans can eagerly anticipate new releases and live performances as the duo continues to break new ground and influence the music world.


Stereo MCs have had a lasting impact on the music industry, with their groundbreaking hit ‘Connected’ and their innovative blend of hip-hop and electronic dance music. Their legacy is not only visible in their own discography but also in the countless artists they have inspired over the years. As Stereo MCs continue to create and perform, their influence on the music world is sure to endure for generations to come.